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Since establishment, the team endeavoured to be competitive and innovative, via series of quality control means entirely accepted in ranges of individuall quick freezing convenience foods and vegetables.

Material lies as the basis of quality where the focus starts.
Within our system, those annual substantial orders is met with a piece of leased land, ususally by 30 years or ever longer lease contract with local community, under which the needed materials to orders are guaranteed from the origin. For long term operation, all influencing factors to material quality, like plantation location,water, soil, seeds conditions etc are taken into consideration scope, to guarantee 100% reliable.

This brand new trial rewards us a hopeful agriculture chain which keeps single involved participant open-minded and informed of the whole chain-quality and quantity status,overall competence and future direction. In particular, it grants us certain advantages to explore new reference in a efficient and reasonable way.

Most of the quality control people involved in cultivations are well trained locals, who audit plantations and crops on regular basis during which they meet farmer on daily basis, ensuring GAP(good agriculture practices)principle fulfilled, target chemicals used in appropriate ways and the harvest proceeded in time, maintaining the maximum nature properties-fresh, optimal and safe. We feel proud to be part of the chain which also emphasizes a balance between human cultivation and ecosystem, yielding quality materials crop by crop and rewarding us sustainable developments.

All cooperative plants are of GMP(good manufacturing practices), which received the harvested materials in time. Those "Complete Production Knowledge"involved quality people check the arrived materials regularly, taking samples at random to manage the general residue level. They attention to the whole individual quick frozen procession of cleaning, grading, peeling,cutting, blanching, cooling, freezing and final packing. Up to frozen convenience foods, these well treated vegetable/ingredients meet with the standardized kneading, stuffing, frying,steaming and to the final processing, all under strict hygienic condition

For quality guarantee, all ingredients used are past third-party laboratory test.Furthermore, the export products must pass local CIQ inspections prior to shipment, ensuring to-be-shipped quality complies with quality standard

In the system, all plants are visited on regular basis, making certain production on the same pulse as shipment schedule, and more important audited twice a year, either by customer itself or third audit party, to make sure that all quality principles, hygenic regulations and business morality are well complied with and enforced accordingly.
Strict selection system has kept our supplier list quite short but more efficient than expected, within which the direction and responsibility we embrace in common lead us to progress forward, today and for the long haul.

Among all quality controls, traceability system, from the year of 2006, has been playing the footstone role. It grants us the ability to track the routine of the used ingredients, through cultivation, procession,package to sales by means of a series of transferable and traceable codes, which stands for responsibility and reward for every involved participant of the chain. All these efforts in return grant customers more confidence in our food safety.

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