Qingdao Universal Everising Co.Ltd is a professional supplier of individual quick freezing convenience foods and vegetables located in Qingdao China. 

All charter members are of rich experience in frozen foods, some of which are even of more than twenty years' know how in this line.

Since establishment, the company and team endeavoured to be
competitive and innovative, with core competence to be acquainted with background info.,close to materials, sharp at new reference explore, and of accumulated know-how on the references covered. 

Thanks to the rich know-how based on solid reputation, the demands are on rise and categories are enlarged accordingly,
ranging from conventional vegetables to value added convenience foods. In return, the integrated lines granted us more capacity and flexibility for better quality at more competitive price levels.
Within iqf vegetables, our focus prolongs from fields, usually by crops-ahead registred fields with local CIQ. To be precise, those huge stable annual orders are responded by CIQ registered fields and manipulated under strict regulations as per the annual needs. In details, to cope with pesticide residue hazard, our concentration encompasses every single quality influence point-fields, seeds, water, cultivation methods,chemicals use and historic dosage.Practices have proved it as the best until solution a plot-by-plot field nation.

Currently iqf vegetable line could satisfy the annual needs from clients, and more important lies as ingredients to iqf convenience foods. Via the complex utilization, our offers get proved more competitive and granted more quality trust than other sources.

Within value added lines, the newly explored grilled vegetables-asparagus, bell peppers, garlic, onion etc highlighted the business from 2009. The breaded references-asparagus, champignon, shiitake, together with kinds of home styled convenience foods-of pork. lamb. seafood or vegetables jointly build up the pillar contents of frozen convenience foods.

Self-contained facilities, accumulate production know-how integrated with the intime service from the team grant a speed innovator to convenience foods, responding to Private label clients with great efficiency and flexibility.

As certain company of Specialty references, welcome to contact for Soltuions to Frozen Convenience Foods and Vegetables.